Big Pharma was supposed to self-police fentanyl prescriptions. It failed. Patients died.

Internal documents show lax enforcement, missed opportunities by the federal government.

  You can help uncover political ad targeting on Facebook

Use the Facebook Political Ad Collector to help categorize ads and understand why they are targeting you.

  Man in need of a roof says company didn’t think issues were a big deal

William Massie claims he has a bad roof and even brought in a third party to prove it.

  Anonymous donor remembers story of struggle, gifts family a much-needed van

Life is a whole lot easier for a Chesterfield family after an anonymous donor has gifted a fully loaded handicap van to a nurse and her 25-year-old daughter who has cerebral palsy.

  83-year-old man reaches out for help getting heart monitor to work

When Roland Pitts discovered doctors weren't getting important data from his pacemaker, he reached out for help getting Verizon to keep that line in working order.

  'It can be dangerous': Scammers up their robocalls game

There were 22.7 million robocalls placed to Richmonders in June, equaling roughly 19 calls per person affected.

  Woman sues car dealer over repossession, un-refunded down payment

A Chesterfield woman says she thought the car was hers, but then several days later she got a call from "Yes Auto Sales" telling her to bring it back, or they would repossess it.

  Selling a car online? Don't set yourself up to be scammed

These days, selling just about anything online can be quick and relatively easy. But when it comes to big ticket items - like a car - that convenience can put you at risk.

  Sextortion Scam: Hackers use convincing information to extort money

A frightening new scam just surfaced in a big way. This one is scary enough and detailed enough that people are falling for it.

  FBI: Dark web is like a 'drug dealer on the corner in the virtual world'

It's a place you've probably never been - it's where guns, drugs and illicit activity are sold in the open.

Assisted living facility still without an administrator

There is still no administrator at Jones and Jones Assisted Living Facility after the former administrator, Mable Jones, had her license suspended in late April.

Fund your future first over your child's college

If you have kids, chances are you're either saving for their college - or worrying about the fact that you aren't. Before that, you should be saving money for someone else - yourself.

Homebuyers losing millions of dollars to frightening scam

Buyers are losing tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to con artists in a scam that's hitting victims across the country.

How to stop getting spam calls on your smartphone

Major carriers are stepping up and offering protection plans against spam, scam and robocalls coming through on your smart phone, but how effective are these plans, and are they even worth it?

Fitness trend: Learn the 'Art of Breath'

Rob Wilson teaches 'The Art of Breath' and says not only is it a way to fill our lungs in a controlled manner, but it's the next frontier in wellness - offering a variety of potential uses and benefits.

  Experts concerned about security of hackable hotel keys

More hotels are now offering a new convenience: digital room keys. They are the next wave in high-tech travel, but experts are worried you could pay a steep price for this convenience.

Organ donations on the rise as opioid crisis rages on

Some people cling to hope for years waiting for a life-saving organ transplant.

Tips to Increase the battery life of your phone

Have you noticed that your cell phone just isn't staying charged as long as it used to? There are a couple of things you can do to give your battery more life.

Scammers target customer service numbers in Google searches

If you are not careful, a quick Google search for a customer service number could put your personal information at risk.

Do your taxes early to avoid losing your return to hackers

Experts say we will likely see a boom in tax fraud, thanks to the Equifax hack and thieves making off with the Social Security Numbers of more than 145 million Americans.

Your tenant rights when it comes to fixing burst pipes

The law is pretty clear here: landlords have to provide not only water, but hot water! But a simple phone call to complain about a burst or frozen pipe may not cut it.

State auditors find misuse of taxpayer money at DMV

Unnecessary business trips and clocking hours state employees never worked are just some of the wrongdoings found at the Department of Motor Vehicles, according to its own audit.

Employers add workout routine to job interviews to make you sweat

What if your prospective employer made you sweat - on purpose - as part of the interview itself? It's happening, even right here in Richmond.

Symantec warning about home assistants: They are easily hacked

Millions of Americans own devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, but a new report shows the frightening ways hackers could use those devices against you.

Black Friday secrets: Facts retailer don't want you to know

If you love to shop, you're probably already preparing for the big deals you can score on Black Friday!...but there are some things you should know that retailers don't want you to find out.

  Watch out for FAKE APPS when you download from an app store

Google was recently hit by a phony, infected app that's duped more than a million people.

Cyber experts warn about bullying on 'tbh' app

While the app claims to be all about positivity, experts say "tbh" is one you need to watch very carefully.

  2nd lawmaker pledges change after federal contract scandal exposed

Another congressman is pledging a bill to fix a problem NBC12 pointed out about how the federal government is handing out your tax money to companies who owe taxes.

  Congressman takes action after NBC12 investigation into federal contracts

NBC12 went straight to Capitol Hill, after our investigation into federal contracts going to hundreds of companies that owe taxes, to speak with Congressman Donald McEachin.

  Federal contracts going to hundreds of companies that owe taxes

According to data pulled from IRS and the government's federal contract tracking website in August, at least 125 companies owe a total of $40,633,951 in unpaid taxes and are still awarded large contracts from the federal government.

Businesses use Instagram to recruit customers

Instagram is used to share those memorable moments with your friends and family, but businesses are also using the social media site to recruit customers.

Experts recommend credit freeze in wake of massive Equifax breach

Hackers stole names, Social Security Numbers, birth dates and more. Experts say the safest bet is to assume your data was stolen - this breach was severe.

Pet protection when your pooch is a problem

If your four-legged friend causes a problem, you may need a lawyer. Yes, some attorneys now specialize in pet protection.

Customer blames car wash for damage to vehicle

A man says he drove in for a $5 car wash and came out with $601 in damages to his Lincoln Aviator.

Richmond paid $1.5M in severance over 4.5 years

An NBC12 investigation shows the city has paid out $1,550,235 in severance deals in the last 4.5 years to just 14 people in high-profile jobs.

Parking apps can help you save time and money

When you go downtown, how long does it take you to find a place to park? Five minutes, 10 minutes MORE. These parking hassles are costing you money, but your smart phone could actually help you land a spot.

10 years later, still no answers in Richmond murder of James 'Mike' Seay

James "Mike" Seay was gunned down on Warwick Road in the southside on June 11, 2007. The family hopes you can help police catch the killer.

Shocking report reveals most SUVs have dangerously inadequate headlights

A frightening new report about headlights: some of them don't do enough to light up the road.

Richmond mom: school nurse gave daughter wrong meds for two weeks

A Richmond mother has filed a complaint with the Virginia Department of Health Professions, after she says a Bellevue Elementary school nurse gave her 7-year-old daughter the wrong medicine for the past two weeks.

Mother recalls the day she lost her son

Detectives are searching for Jakeem Johnson's killer, and they believe someone out there has the information needed to solve the case.

Head of VA disputes McGuire wait-time audit

A controversial new audit claims veterans are still facing long wait times for care at McGuire Veterans Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia. The leader of the VA and the hospital dispute the findings.