NBC12 Viewpoint

  NBC12 Viewpoint: An inspired legacy - George H.W. Bush

George H.W. Bush could have gone to work on Wall Street with his father and immediately picked up with the family business and found financial success, but obviously there was something greater that drove him

  NBC12 Viewpoint: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The question we have to put energy around in every community in the country is: are we OK with where we are and where we are going?

NBC12 Viewpoint: Just VOTE!

Let’s break mid-term election records in the RVA and Virginia by showing the rest of the country that we care about each other and we care about our community.

NBC12 Viewpoint: You must vote

Why bother to stay in Virginia or in the United States of America if you do not see the value of your vote?

NBC12 Viewpoint: Things that really matter

Once again many of our fellow citizens are facing loss of life, property and their way of life, after the devastating effects of Hurricane Michael

NBC12 Viewpoint: The Richmond Ballet is 35

If you love Richmond and you love dance, then you will really want to hear the love story of the Richmond Ballet.

NBC12 Viewpoint: Remembering Sen. John McCain

Senator John Sidney McCain III, was a politician, an American hero and a bridge builder. McCain is most notably known for surviving more than five years as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War.

NBC12 Viewpoint: Great music in the RVA this weekend!

Well it's that time of year again for the annual Richmond Jazz Festival, now in its ninth year. NBC12 has been a proud sponsor for all nine years.

NBC12 Viewpoint: Justice Anthony Kennedy’s swing vote is gone

At the age of 81, Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Kennedy, announced that he will retire from the Supreme Court.

NBC12 Viewpoint: Suicide is still a national epidemic

Suicide is not one of those subjects that we like to talk about. It's uncomfortable, it can be painful and it's really not a subject that we know enough about.

NBC12 Viewpoint: New Miss America competition is here

If you are looking for swim suits and evening gowns you won't find them at The Miss America Competition.

  NBC Viewpoint: Cool Guys Wear Gowns

I want to challenge all men within the sound of my voice to commit to calling their doctor and setting up an appointment for a health screening.

NBC12 Viewpoint: Summer is here!

Many of us will be hitting the road to begin the unofficial start of summer, but one of the reasons that I Iove living in Richmond is that you can be a tourist in your own backyard.

NBC12 Viewpoint: The legacy of Sabrina Squire

All of us are born for a purpose. The key to a very fruitful and successful life is to discover that purpose. One of colleagues and someone who has come into your living room for the past 37 years found her purpose.

NBC12 Viewpoint: Honoring teachers, nurses and mothers!

This past week had the distinction of being both National Teachers Week and National Nurses Week, and it is capped by Mother's Day on Sunday.

NBC12 Viewpoint: '5 Love Languages' can save your relationship

This week's commentary may make you say "Huh," but stay with me - you might want to thank me later.

NBC12 Viewpoint: Richmond meets Minneapolis with ChamberRVA

The trip is designed to look what other cities have done to grow and improve business and lifestyle for their city and region and to see what takeaways would be good for the Richmond Region.

NBC12 Viewpoint: The Facebook breach

The lesson here is that there is no free lunch for us and there is no free lunch for Facebook.

NBC12 Viewpoint: March for Our Lives

We should all be very proud of the young people in this country. We should also be proud that young people are very concerned about the welfare and well-being of millions of students who go to school every day in every community across this country.

NBC12 Viewpoint: St. Jude Dream Home

St. Jude cares for children who are suffering from various forms of cancer. When a family qualifies to receive care from St. Jude, they take care of all expenses and allow the family to focus on helping their child heal.

NBC12 Viewpoint: The National Kidney Foundation saves lives!

March is National Kidney Month and it's a good time to place a spotlight on a health issue that affects someone you know and maybe even you.

NBC12 Viewpoint: Read Across America because reading is FUNdamental

I think most of us remember the first time we heard the name Dr. Seuss and if that doesn't ring a bell, maybe the "Cat in the Hat" will fix that!

NBC12 Viewpoint: A Raisin and a Panther!!

Here we are again. In pain, full of grief and once again, offering our thoughts and prayers to mothers and fathers who have lost their children.

NBC12 Viewpoint: We must do better!

Here we are again. In pain, full of grief and once again, offering our thoughts and prayers to mothers and fathers who have lost their children.

NBC12 Viewpoint: RPS: Help is on the way!

In order for the Richmond Public Schools to be successful, the students in those schools must experience success.

NBC12 Viewpoint: Firefighters are always there when you need them!

For most of us we will never see a firefighter in our home or in our place of business. Any firefighter will say, that is a good thing.

NBC12 Viewpoint: All politics are local

If you talk to someone who is a politician, works with politicians, enjoys talking politics or understands politics, they will tell you that at the end of the day, "All politics are local!"

NBC12 Viewpoint: Mentoring is a gift

I believe that mentoring someone is one of the most important things that a human being can do.

NBC12 Viewpoint: We survived Christmas!

If you saw my commentary last week, you know that I was panicked about Christmas, since this was the first time that my wife made the unilateral decision that dinner would be ordered on an app!

NBC12 Viewpoint: No she didn't - Christmas dinner from an app?

Is it OK to order this year's Christmas dinner on an app?

NBC12 Viewpoint: The people have spoken!

Of course, most of you know that earlier this week a special election was held in Alabama to replace the Senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

NBC12 Viewpoint: It's a privilege to be thankful

Certainly there is a lot of history behind the beginning of Thanksgiving Day, but what we attach to it today I feel is most important.

NBC12 Viewpoint: Plans to redevelop Richmond

Last week, Mayor Levar Stoney announced his ambitious plans to redevelop a large part of downtown Richmond including a new Coliseum.

NBC12 Viewpoint: 2017 BRAVO Awards in Chesterfield

Everyone loves to hear great news about the role educators have played in shaping the lives of successful members of our society.

NBC12 Viewpoint: Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

When someone says "chip" many of us will think of the snack we use for dips. The CHIP I am referring to is the Children's Health Insurance Program.

NBC12 Viewpoint: If it’s October, it’s artoberVA!

If you believe in the arts, love the arts or just want to support the arts, October is the month you will love.

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: We all lost brothers and sisters in Las Vegas

Because of the 7 degrees of separation between all of us, we are all in some way connected to someone who was killed or injured in the shooting massacre in Las Vegas.

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Taking a Knee

I stand for the national anthem whenever it's played no matter where I am. That is my right, my privilege and my choice.

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The Need for Help is Big!

The last few weeks have been tragic and stressful for many people in the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean, including our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: It’s Hispanic Heritage Month!

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, there will be celebrations, educational and cultural programs throughout this period.

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Nothing breaks your heart more than to see a child suffer, and it's especially tragic when the cause of that suffering is cancer. September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and I wanted to recognize one of many organizations that support these children.