Savings Guide

  Saving on college text books

A new survey from Cengage finds that nearly half of current and former college students say they skipped meals so they could afford textbooks!

  How to lower credit card debt

It's something that a lot of people deal with and the debt can get out of control before you realize what's happening.

  Avoid the pitfalls of sports-related credit cards

Whether you're a fan of Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NHL, racing or other sports, there's a special credit card out there for you.

  Regulators: Dominion Energy rates produced $300 million surplus

State regulators say customers of Virginia's largest electric monopoly paid more than $300 million in excessive rates last year.

  Restaurants not the only places to offer birthday deals

While many restaurants will throw in a free appetizer or dessert on your birthday, several retailers also offer some surprisingly good freebies.

  Steps to protect your accounts from hackers

Do you worry about hackers getting into your email accounts, bank accounts, or social media sites?  You should.

Apps that help you save money on gas

There are three big ways to save on gas!

  New app helps protect your identity

One out of every two Americans has experienced financial theft or fraud, according to a new security survey

100 percent guaranteed: No fine print with these companies

From clothing to hotels, some companies guarantee you'll be 100 percent satisfied or you get all of your money back.

  6-year-old Virginia girl writes book on money management for kids and adults

When it comes to money management, millions of people turn to financial gurus like Dave Ramsey, Mellody Hobson, and Suze Orman for guidance. But there is a new expert flying on to the scene - a six-year-old superhero.

  Tricks to get more out of your wardrobe

Let's face it - clothes aren't cheap!

Consumer Reports: Heavy metals found in baby food

Consumer Reports has found an unsettling number of baby and toddler foods that contain heavy metals.

Using up leftovers can help save you money

Using up that produce before it spoils and eating leftovers can save you quite a bit on your grocery bills!

  When you die, where does your money go?

It's an uncomfortable thought for most us, but beneficiary designations are so important to not only make, but to update.

  Need to find a scholarship? There are apps for that

Exhaust your scholarship and federal financial aid options-before you consider more expensive private loans.

  Selling a home? Take these steps before putting it on the market

Thinking about selling your home this year or even next? Before you lift a finger, experts say there are some things you can do to get prepared.

  Secrets to scoring good concert tickets

Got a concert you want to attend? Scoring good seats can be tricky, though, thanks to ticket brokers.

  Tax free weekend kicks off, continues through Aug. 5

The three-day sales tax holiday in Virginia starts on Friday, Aug. 3 and ends on Sunday, Aug. 5.

  Make sure you know all the discounts on school supplies

Here are some ways to save on all of your back-to-school needs.

Richmond clothing store launching donation drive

Fab-rik is asking Richmond area residents to clean old clothes out of their closets so women in need can fill theirs.

  Vacation loans increasingly popular, but have big drawbacks

Depending on your own credit history and the loan you choose, that interest rate could range anywhere from 5 percent all the way up to 36 percent.

Free guacamole at Chipotle on National Avocado Day

To get redeem your free guac, order an entree online or on the Chipotle app.

O’Charley's launches $5 burger deals

O'Charley's Restaurant is announcing a special weekday "$5 BurgerFest" promotion from Monday, July 30 through Friday, Aug. 10. The deal offers all burgers on the O'Charley's menu with a side of fries for just $5.

  Apps can provide fun ways to save money

Boosting your savings can actually be a lot of fun with the right app.

  Study: Sitting at your desk all day can negatively affect your brain

The science is in: Sitting at your desk all day is really, really, bad for you!

Mission BBQ offers free sandwich to Korean War veterans

Mission BBQ has one restaurant in Richmond, located at 5440 Glenside Drive.

  Apps can help get you the lowest price on travel

Getting a refund without any effort on your part sounds like a good deal, right?

  Having a morning routine can make you more productive

The secret to a smoother, more productive day may be as simple as changing your morning routine!

Sky Zone offers buy one, get one deal for World Jump Day

Tickets can be on-site or online using the promo code "worldjumpday."

What to do before buying a car

Experts have some tips for the most important things to do before heading out to buy your new ride.

  Credit report errors are common, and should be reported immediately

Errors on credit reports are more common than you think, so it's important to monitor what the three major credit bureaus are reporting about you.

  How to save money at the farmers' market

It can be really easy to turn those trips into a rash of impulse buys due to all of the products on display, but there are some easy tips to keep from losing control in the face of all that fresh produce.

  Women's financial planning on backburner despite increased need

A survey of nearly 5,000 U.S. workers shows 60 percent of men ranked saving for retirement as their top financial priority whereas only 44 percent of women said the same thing.

DIY Projects: When you should actually use a professional

If you're handy or looking to save money, you may decide to tackle a home project yourself! But there are certain things really best left to the professionals.

  6 tips to save money on gas

If you want to save money on gas, how you drive could be just as important as what you drive.

Lawsuit alleges Hormel, other companies inflated pork prices

A federal lawsuit filed in Minnesota alleges Hormel Foods Corp. and other companies colluded to inflate consumer pork prices.

  Some cell phone carriers are better than others at detecting spam

Research company Lionbridge tested the four major carriers - AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon - to see how they identify callers and block spam calls.

This week is your last chance to be a Toys R Us kid

The store announced on social media last week that all its stores will close for good on Friday, June 29.

  Comparing yourself to your friends could get you in financial trouble

Your neighbors might have shared some beautiful beach sunset pictures, but they won't be posting the credit card bill they racked up while on that vacation.

  Charities on Facebook - what you need to know before you donate

A Facebook fundraiser collecting money for kids and families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border raised more than $12 million in one week. So how does Facebook checks out charities, and how are donations handled?

  Over time, impulse spending adds up to a big sum

The biggest traps for consumers are grocery items that weren't on the list, clothing, shoes, household items and takeout.