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Woman says lion may be her escaped pet

From NBC12 News

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - An update on the lion sightings in Chesterfield and Richmond. A local woman says she believes it might be her missing exotic cat.

For more than a week now, NBC12 has received numerous calls from residents who say they have  spotted this lion on the loose.

The sightings prompted one woman to call our newsroom yesterday. She thinks that maybe this lion was really her  four year old "Savannah," which is a cross between an african serval and domestic cat. 

The woman, who only wants to be identified as Martha, says her exotic cat ran away more than a year ago near Pocahontas State Park. 

"If he survived this long, chances are he could survive longer. But he is socialized enough he would probably seek humans, not for companionship so much he'd keep you in sight, but wouldn't approach you," says Martha.

Tom Magne of Chesterfield, says he's seen the elusive lion and he doesn't believe what he saw was even close to looking like Savannah.

"It's nowhere near that. I mean it's two, three, four times that size and it's completely different looking. It doesn't have spots," says Magne.

Chesterfield Animal Control officials say they are not ruling out the "Savannah" cat, but at the same time it's not high on their list of possibilities. 

If you've seen the lion, it's highly recommended you not go near it or feed it. Just call police.  

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