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Monthly Career Horoscope for April

The secret of your career success on the 1st and 2nd is going to be to get resilient. Someone doesn't think your work is good enough? Keep showing it to people until a decision-maker says 'Yes!' Once you've got that in, you're golden. Keep at it, tiger! Then add some stretching exercises, to make sure you don't get too tense. Don't forget that what you do really helps others to appreciate beauty (thanks to your gorgeous sunrise and sunset paintings) on the 6th and 7th. Those happy-kids-on-a-beach scenes are totally awesome, too! Great news gives you a creative boost on the 13th, 14th and 15th. If you're feeling a little low on the 20th or 21st, get some sunshine. Or if that's not a possibility, take a really nice long bath. With bubbles. Show the client just how flexible you can be, when the car breaks down on the way to the airport and you paint the sunrise over the freeway and they love it on the 24th, 25th or 26th. Your kindness is infectious on the 29th and 30th. You really make a difference!

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