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The After School Program is designed to meet each child’s needs based on age appropriate and self-confidence building activities.
We will have motivational martial arts classes every day, as well as, supporting mental curriculum to reiterate our focus on responsibility, respect, and focus! Just as important, your children will gain increased awareness of their physical abilities. They will gain confidence and discipline that will be invaluable to their well being! 
When your child attends our Martial Arts World’s After School Program you can feel confident that while you are working, your child is in the hands of people that are well trained and truly care. What an exciting time this school year is going to be! 
The After School Program is a constructive alternative to daycare. Your child will be: 
? picked up from school in our van/bus and be brought to the center 
? have time to eat snack and change into their uniform 
? The students are then separated into 3 groups. Depending on their age, maturity level & your pick up time, the afternoon is separated into time for: 
a) Home work time/mental curriculum 
b) Active character building games (outdoor time – weather permitting) 
c) Martial Arts Class! This is also a character development class which builds self-esteem, self-confidence, reinforces discipline and respect for their parents, teachers and themselves. Our main goal is to help all of our students to develop an "I can do it!" attitude and learn that Winning is a Choice! 
d) End of day quiet activities (reading, board games, etc.) 

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