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The Martial Arts World Summer Camp program is designed to meet each child’s needs based on age appropriate and self-confidence building activities
. It is not just about martial arts! (Although we do believe it CAN change lives). We call our camp an adventure camp, because they will get to experience so many things. We will have multiple field trips each week, such as bowling, swimming and skating, as well as, motivational Martial Arts classes every day.  In addition, we will have exciting theme days that let your child get creative with arts and crafts, music, and other sports and interests. Please see chosen locations links below or call for our calendar, but know that we are constantly looking for in house speakers and new field trips to broaden your child’s camp experience so it is subject to change for their benefit!   

We will have different themes each week that come from our martial arts curriculum but, can all be applied in your child’s daily life. Some of our themes include “Winning is a Choice!, Be a Leader Not a Follower!” and more.  They will be having lots of fun, while building character, self-discipline, and increasing their self-esteem. Most importantly they will develop a “Yes I Can” positive attitude! 

We would like to introduce you to our program and give you plenty of information so you can feel make an informed decision about your child’s plans for the summer.  Knowing they will not only be having fun, but feel confident that while you are working, your child is in the hands of people that are well trained and truly care that your children have a constructive, balanced summer day camp experience. 

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