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NBC12 Advantage: Production

NBC12 offers its clients a full service state of the art Commercial production facility. Full-Service means that you, as our customer, need only make one phone call to access the resources that will deliver your commercial message to the viewer.

The goal of Commercial Services is to translate your needs into a clear, concise message which cuts through the clutter to separate you from your competition.

Our producers understand that the clearer the message, the better your Image will be branded.
Commercial Services is your link to this complicated world of technology, creativity. To make all of this work effectively, and on budget, we use all of our technological resources to help create a slick presentation of your initial concept. If you have no concept, we can identify and produce one for you!

We offer multiple camera formats with Panasonic DVC Pro and Sony Beta Cam, with a compliment of sound and lighting accessories. Inside our edit suites we use AVID non-linear editing, with a huge array of graphic and animation horsepower.

NBC12 has two full-time graphic artists who are well versed in PhotoShop design and Aftereffects animation programming.

Rounding out our list of goodies are two talented voice-over artists, an in-house music library, and chroma-key. All of these accessories greatly increase the quality, and speed in which projects can be produced.

This efficiency enables our staff of experienced producers the ability to concentrate more on your key message. Your finished spot will grab the viewer's attention with what we refer to as the Hook or the Call to Action.

After the spot has been completed, you have the added advantage that we can coordinate with our Sales and Traffic departments to make sure that your commercial is on air on time!

Most projects can be produced in less than a month from initial client/producer meeting to seeing your message on-the-air.

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