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Break-in reminds homeowners of the risk of property crime

By Andy Jenks - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - A recent shed break-in prompted a Richmond man to make a quick fix to his home security.

And his ideas may help cut down on other area crimes.

This happened near Malvern and Stuart Avenues.

"The minute I saw the doors wide open I knew that they broke in," said homeowner Todd Flowers.

Flowers did everything you're supposed to do.

It just didn't matter.

"And I had it latched right here," he said. "They just came with bolt cutters and snapped the lock right off."

But the lock turned out to be the least of his worries, on a recent morning.

The lawnmower was the first thing they grabbed.

"It was sitting right here," he said. "They stole the gas, but left me with the gas cans."

Not only that, but the thieves stole hundreds of dollars worth of other yard supplies, which all have to be replaced.

"My blood pressure shot up and it was disappointing to see all my lawn toys stolen," he said. "You just feel violated."

Todd lives in an area of Richmond, known as Colonial Place.

We did a search over the past three months, to see what other kinds are reported here.

During that time, we saw three cases of theft, two cases of vandalism, and one report of burglary.

"This is an area that enjoys a nice reputation," said Flowers.

But it's proof, Todd says, that even these kinds of crimes, can happen anywhere.

"I think that people just need to be aware and do what they can to deter this kind of thing," he said. "Stay in communication with your neighbors, install lights."

Todd's now taking his own advice.

"So it's not a whole lot of light but its enough so you can see if there's anyone back here," he said.

And hopes others do, too.

Odds are, those thieves won't be getting inside his shed again, anytime soon.

"They, essentially have to rip the doors off," he said.

Unfortunately, you can't be 100% safe from anything.

So you do what you can to deter crime, but it happens all over the community so be aware.

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