Over a hundred citations, some arrests during multi-agency highway crackdown

Over a hundred citations, some arrests during multi-agency highway crackdown

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Local police want you to know they’re looking for aggressive drivers, even when you don’t know they’re there. Police in both marked and unmarked cars are on the prowl for drivers breaking the law, especially on some of the busiest highways in our area.

Officers say a recent crackdown should clearly show - they’re serious.

They are especially concerned about drivers who don’t move over when they’re stopped on the highway.

That’s why eight tickets were issued in just a matter of hours on Chippenham Parkway. That’s not all they’re looking for.

"Speeding and reckless driving and aggressive driving isn’t going to be tolerated in any of our jurisdictions,” said Lt. Justin Aronson.

Wednesday, State Police joined Chesterfield, Richmond and Henrico officers in a major crackdown on Chippenham.

"Chippenham Parkway gets more complaints than others,” he said.

So they spent some five hours looking for drunk drivers, speeders and those driving recklessly. During that short time frame they stopped 141 cars, 164 of those resulted in citations - which likely means some drivers violated multiple laws.

Authorities say they’re doing this not just to keep you safe - their lives are also on the line.

"Nobody comes to work and expects to get hit by a vehicle, and we’d like to keep it that way if at all possible,” Aronson added.

We’ve seen recent incidents where drivers hit officer’s patrol cars while they were on duty. In October, Hanover firefighter Brad Clark was struck and killed responding to a crash.

Aronson says drivers have to take this seriously.

"Change lanes, move over and reduce your speed… It saves our lives, it saves your life, it saves everybody’s life,” he said.

To drive the message home, he also want you to know this.

“Just because that was the bigger operation, doesn’t mean we’re not out there.”

That multi-agency collaboration also resulted in several drivers being taken to jail.

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