Antares rocket launches from Virginia’s Eastern Shore

The space station re-supply mission will be visible in Virginia

Antares rocket launches from Virginia’s Eastern Shore

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - After several delays due to weather, the ANTARES rocket launched from NASA’s Wallops Island Facility on the Eastern Shore at 4:01 a.m. Saturday.

Most of the rockets launched from Wallops are sub-orbital, which means they don’t get high enough to enter Earth orbit. This one will not only go into orbit, but it will eventually dock with and resupply the International Space Station! These Antares rockets are the biggest to launch from the Wallops Island Facility and are easily seen (if the sky is clear) from Richmond and all over the east coast.

This is a big rocket. The trash can in the lower right side of the screen puts it into context.


If you were looking up at the eastern sky at that time, it’s possible you saw that rocket.

Richmond should see the launch about 60-90 seconds after it launches:

The rocket will deliver supplies and experiments to the International Space Station, including research on stardust and Parkinson’s disease.

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