Chesterfield parents get opportunity to quiz new superintendent

Chesterfield parents get opportunity to quiz new superintendent

CHESTERFIELD VA (WWBT) - Wednesday night was the first of several community listening sessions - introducing new Superintendent Mervin Daugherty to the community.

It was an up close and personal dialogue between parents and the man charged with moving Chesterfield students forward.

"How can we improve in the school?” Griselda Coto asked.

"People have great ideas. We have to be willing to listen to the ideas,” Daugherty said.

Hence the first of five community listening sessions kicking off at Falling Creek Middle.

"I would like to know, to be certain that you’re invested in staying here and seeing through the progress,” parent Sheila Bynum said.

"Maybe have someone come in and talk with the students about the different offerings within the specialty centers,” another parent asked.

"Would a prep course be offered to the kids?" another parent asked regarding PSATs for 8th graders.

No question was off limits. Topics such as advanced courses for students, year-round schools. and even portable classrooms came up. Parents got to hear where the new superintendent stands.

Daugherty said one of the first items on his priority list is making sure teachers and staff know they’re valued.

"I want to improve climate so that people really want to work here, that they see we’re really going to do some great things…Other things fall in place when people love their job,” he said.

Daugherty said he left a job he enjoyed to come here adding, “this is my last stop."

"What I got is they’re very passionate about their children. They want the best for their children and I applaud them for being here because we all want what’s best for the children. Now that they’re my children, I want what’s best for them,” Daugherty said.

If you missed Wednesday night’s community session, there will be more later this month.

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