The Next Big Thing: Chilly through most of November?

After Election Day, no sign of warm weather for a while

The Next Big Thing: Chilly through most of November?

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Remember how LONG summer lasted? September was one of the warmest (and wettest) on record and that warmth lasted into early October.

Now it’s time for a chill - one that may last a while.

Here’s the Climate Prediction Center’s forecast for Nov. 12 to 18. The blue areas are where they are forecasting colder than normal temperatures.

Average highs in mid-November are around 60 degrees and average lows are in the upper 30s. If this forecast holds, we’d see plenty of highs in the 50s and lows in the low 30s.

The CPC is leaning heavily on the European Ensemble Model, which shows the same thing. Here’s the temperature departure from normal for the evening of Nov. 13. We are on the eastern edge of a cooler than normal air mass.

And here’s the part the looks REALLY cold. Two weeks from now looks MUCH below average.

Fall is September, October, and November, and it’s looking like a chilly November could cancel out the very warm September.

If moisture runs into the cold air, we could even see some snow showers.

Get the winter coats ready.

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