Numbers drawn in $667 Mega Millions jackpot

Mega Millions jackpot drawing hits record $667 million

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The winning numbers for the historic $667 Mega Millions jackpot are 69, 45, 61, 3, 49, and 9 for the megaball.

Mega Millions tickets flew off shelves as the winning jackpot soared $667 million, the largest in history.

“A lot of people wait until the day of the drawing to buy their tickets, so today we are seeing the highest number of tickets,” Virginia Lottery Spokesperson John Hagerty said.

Hagerty said they are saw a record number of sales Tuesday.

“There are peak times today where we are expected to sell 3,480 tickets per minute,” Hagerty said.

As people spend their money, many say they know it’s going to a good place.

“Every ticket that’s bought in Virginia, whether it’s Mega Million or any other ticket, goes to benefit K-12 education in Virginia,” Hagerty said.

Some people are already making plans for what they would do if they won.

“I would definitely make some donations to some individuals less fortunate than myself and then I would disappear,” Greg Scarborough said.

Everyone has their own way of picking what they hope to be the winning numbers.

“I just allowed the machine to do it - do a random selection. It just has to be your time to win,” Scarborough said.

“I just do a random pick and let the chips fall as they may,” Yoss said.

As people gear up for the reveal of the winning numbers, many believe Tuesday is finally their night.

“I would think I would finally have the right one,” Scarborough said.

The winner has two ways to collect money.

You can have the full amount given over 30 years or a one time cash payout of $380 million before taxes.

If no one wins Tuesday night, Fridays jackpot would soar to $868 million.

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