Volunteers deliver 150 beds for kids in Metro Richmond

150 Beds for 150 Kids

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Bridging RVA is hosting their fourth annual “150 beds for 150 kids” program for children who are in need of beds in the Metro Richmond area.

The local non-profit is organizing dozens of community volunteers and businesses to provide bed frames, twin mattress sets, sheets, blankets and pillows to children in the area.

“These kids are either sleeping on sofas, on the floor sometimes, or multiple siblings sleeping in the same bed,” said Lee Ann Sawyer executive director of Bridging RVA.

Since the success of their first event, Bridging RVA has been providing the basic need for a child’s good night’s rest.

“These are our neighbors, and these are people who live close enough to us that we need to do something. It changes you, it does make you take your bed less for granted,” said Sawyer.

The beds don’t just provide a basic necessity for sleep, but they also give the children a sense of security and empowerment.

“These kids are excited. They don’t have a lot that’s their own and this is their very own bed,” said Sawyer.

With the need for beds growing more this year, Bridging RVA has decided to increase their goal from 150 beds to 200 beds.

“They say kids can’t learn if they don’t have a full belly, so a lot of people want to fed the children before they go to school with a breakfast in their belly or a good hot lunch," said Sawyer. “Well, we feel the same way. If they don’t get a good night’s rest, they’re not going to learn either.”

The non-profit still needs volunteers and donations, if you would like to volunteer, visit bridgingrva.com.

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