‘We have no hot water or gas’: Residents at apartment complex say they are unsafe

‘We have no hot water or gas’: Residents at apartment complex say they are unsafe

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Residents reached out to NBC12 after they came home to a shocking surprise that the building they live in was deemed unsafe by the city.

“I currently do not have any gas, any water at this point, and I’m a little perturbed at this point,” resident Tevin Pollard said.

Signs were plastered all over building 499 at the Somerset Glen Apartment Complex after city officials say a gas leak and other issues make the building uninhabitable for residents.

“When I got here around six Thursday evening, I saw the city of Richmond posted a sign saying it was unfit to stay there because the water and gas were turned off,” Pollard said.

Pollard just moved into his unit two months ago and says the last few days have been rough.

“It’s cold; I have cold water. I haven’t taken a shower in two days with hot water,” Pollard said.

According to posted signs, the building has electrical hazards, no heat, hot water or gas and, ultimately, is an unfit structure. The apartment complex refuse to give any further information.

“I just paid rent," said Pollard. “It’s the beginning of the month, and I spent half of my money on rent, and I don’t even have the amenities I need.”

The apartment complex put residents up at a hotel for one night and informed them they could return Friday.

“I returned with no water, no gas. Mind you, the sign is still there, so everyone in the building is still living there, and they are all unfit,” Pollard said.

City officials say they thought the apartment managers had fixed the issues. But the problems continue, even as residents returned to their homes. It’s possible they might have to leave again.

“I’m just so sad, because I work hard to get the things I want and live the way I want to live, and it’s just so sad I can’t have that,” Pollard said.

There is still no time frame when it’s safe for the residents to live in their building.

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