Washed out driveway traps Mechanicsville family at home

Family stuck after driveway washes away

MECHANICSVILLE, VA (WWBT) - A Mechanicsville family called 12 On Your Side asking for help after they say heavy rains turned their stream into a raging river and washed away their driveway.

“Never in my mind could something like this happen,” said homeowner Jo Ray.

Jo Ray and her family are desperate for help after she says her driveway washed away Thursday when Tropical Storm Michael turned their creek into a river.

“My husband and I came out just to check and see if there was a tree down and to see if he would be able to go to work the next morning and when we got to where the tree was we saw the driveway just going and the water was swelling,” Jo Ray said.

It was a sense of hopelessness.

“There was nothing that we can do, it was just going,” Jo Ray said.

It was a sense of fear.

“Thank God we weren’t driving over it when it happened,” Jo Ray said.

It was a sense of destruction.

“It took out trees and everything. Our driveway is gone and the culverts are crushed,” Jo Ray said.

Jo Ray lives with her husband, two daughters, granddaughter and two dogs.

They are trying to figure out what happens next.

“I have already contacted VDOT, Public Works and insurance companies. Flood insurance and everyone else are telling me ‘no’ and that ‘this is nothing they can handle,’” Jo Ray said.

Tired of the no’s, they just want a yes.

“My husband is a firefighter and he has to go to work and he can’t miss a day. At five this morning he came out and climbed over this just to get to work,” Jo Ray said.

It’s no easy climb, our crews followed Jo Ray to the other side. At times sliding, the struggle was real just to get to the other side.

“If our house catches on fire or we have a medical emergency then we have nothing," Jo Ray said.

As the water goes down and the ground starts to dry, this family says they just want help.

“I don’t know what we are going to do,” Jo Ray said.

The good news is nobody was injured but again, the family says they just want help to fix their driveway and for things to return to normal.

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