KKK leaves invitation packets for one Tappahannock neighborhood

KKK leaves invitation packets for one Tappahannock neighborhood

TAPPAHANNOCK, VA (WWBT) - Neighbors said plastic bags filled with bird seed and racially offensive messages were left throughout a Tappahannock community.

“I just find it very upsetting and very insulting,” resident Dorothy Morris said.

Dorothy Morris said her Hobbs Hole Community is shocked after plastic bags filled with bird seeds and racially offensive messages from the Ku Klux Klan appeared on porches and in driveways at every house Sunday morning.

One man was too afraid to go on camera but said he has loved ones living in the community.

“It’s kind of scary because kids live in that area,” one person said.

Inside the bags, information on how to join the group along with offensive messages, with one saying African Americans looked like monkeys.

“It’s a wonderful neighborhood. It’s a friendly neighborhood. It’s extremely diverse and culturally diverse,” Morris said.

Morris said when one man saw the message, he jumped into action to help protect the feelings of his neighbors.

“Knowing we have neighbors that are African Americans and other religions, the houses he knew where they lived, he tried to get them off the driveways as fast as possible because he didn’t want them to be offended and hurt by it,” Morris said.

“Why are you going onto these peoples properties at night time when they can’t see you and trespassing on their property and dropping these scary messages,” one resident said.

The bags were given to the Essex County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials said technically the group did not break the law, but they can charge them for littering.

Members in the community said they will not let this defeat them.

“It’s probably cowardly what they did but the it’s an invasion of our neighborhood and our property during times where we should be secure,” Morris said.

If you have any information about the incident contact the Essex County Sheriff’s Office.

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