Thank you Central Virginia and Dominion for helping hurricane victims

Thank you Central Virginia and Dominion for helping hurricane victims

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Over the past three days, callers to NBC12′s Call 12 donated more than $50,000 to Hurricane Florence relief efforts.

And thanks to a matching donation of $50,000 from Dominion Energy, that total hit $104,000.

“We throw around a lot of big numbers - 85,000 shelter stays, 150,000 meals and snacks served, 8,000 mental health touches - you can kind of lose the human story in those stories and numbers,” said Regional Executive James Hatcher for the American Red Cross Virginia region. “These smaller contributions that come through contributions, are just critically important.”

NBC12 and CW Richmond teamed up with the Virginia Red Cross to raise money for Florence storm victims.

On the first day (Tuesday) of “Caring for the Carolinas”, viewers helped raised $20,000. After Dominion’s pledge Wednesday to match donations up to $50,000, the total was raise to $68,000.

Paulin Cheatham, the Manager of Corporate Philanthropy for Dominion Energy was on 12 News Today with why the company wanted to be part of this effort.

“It’s really been heartbreaking to see the devastating impacts of Hurricane Florence on the Carolinas, and even the tornadoes here in Richmond on Monday,” Cheatham said. “We wanted to step up in some way to do what we could to support those suffering from all of this destruction.”

“They step up not only here in Richmond but they step up to support people in other parts of the country as well,” Hatcher said. “I think that’s just an example of their stewardship.”

The donations didn’t stop there though!

When Call12 finally hung up shop Thursday morning, viewers alone had raised $54k, bringing that total to $104,000!

“I can’t thank the people of Richmond enough, the people of Virginia and Channel 12 for making that happen, because we can’t deliver services if we don’t have the funds available,” Hatcher said. “We can’t have the funds without this kind of outreach.”

Now administrators for the Red Cross will work on putting those donations to use.

“It will go to direct services providing feeding, sheltering, helping to transport our volunteers, providing mental health services to people who are affected in North Carolina,” Hatcher said. “So, this money goes directly into those communities to help support them.”

Hatcher added more volunteers will be packing their bags and heading South for recovery efforts.

“They are in for a long-term recovery and there’s a lot of catastrophic misery there, I don’t know how else to put it, but there are a lot of people who still need help,” he said.

The storm has killed dozens of people in North Carolina after dumping several dozen inches of rain in some parts of the state.

The remnants of the storm also sparked numerous tornadoes in Central Virginia on Monday afternoon.

Click here to donate to the Red Cross.

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